" In a world surrounded by negative thoughts, be the light to enlighten their thoughts in prosperity." —Stephen Clark is the author, who wrote a book about his experience and recovery following a life changing event. He dives deep into topics such as consciousness, spirituality, changing ourselves to achieve happiness in all moments of our lives and experiences near death.

An interesting and in-depth read on understanding how we can unlock the powers of the mind!

 Chapter 56

    JC   and the Cross He Bears 



I can only say I think this next chapter is an insult to JC because consciously, perceptually and physically thinking of Him in a negative scenario is just asking for hellish consequences. This goes hand in hand with this next statement I'll make because religion just butchers up our conscious present view of JC in this present reality. It structures our reality around looking at a dead person hanging on a cross who was tortured by government officials. People depict that as heroic or stupid, and that's the only place you can find foundational context.


We re-conceive JC as just the story involving  a 'holy man' walking with the cross, falling three times, nailed with steal nails through His hands and feet. Reliving this day on Easter once a year for over 2,000 years is just barbaric, if you ask me. Whenever we finally examine Him, it's always as He dies on the cross, whether in paintings, statues or any other pieces of art. No offence to all the pieces of art depicting His death as glamorous or a thing to look at, but it's just kind of wrong. Especially since if He would have glamorized anything, it would probably be, "On the 3rd day, He ascended to a higher dimensional realm." 


Rather than just His death, He was selling the story or idea to just live positively and happily at any cost, in any and all given moments of life. The church on the other hand is selling His death and demanding a sum of money for some hocus-pocus for one hour every week, "with a word from the gospel." 


This negatively interferes with your benevolent energy in every given moment. The church should be selling you positivity, not portraying a negative graphic story of the 'holy man' dying, or anyone else for that matter. 


If you ask me, after being in a 15-day coma, I was not interested in returning to a reality where people only thought the worst case scenario of me. I came back because I had family and friends sending me positive, heavenly vibrations; that is what brought me back to Earth at this time.  

The Eternal Gates Of Life

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