Complexitising Theories 


-a stance by which you are projecting a thought in completing a task you envisioned from the get go by,  *contensiously observing the potential to create points so that your end goal will put your first thought about a matter to rest;

which would extensionally entail modalities of projecting a physical and emotional manipulation in the experience at hand consciously while, conforming your subliminal, unconscious and conscious interactions with objects so that you will complete your objectives with your consciousness which, will then be perceived in the spectrum of invisible string energy that can be manipulated to interact  with the vibration of light. This then contributes to mainly a subliminal projection of a positive, blissful and spiritual acknowledgement that will encompass a numerical sequence in a numerological theory in order to complete this *synergizing component with an understanding of the relative theory of *allness; this will happen eternally through modalities of frames of experiences while interacting with the *qualia theory


-the seclusion of stretching ones’ bones, spirit and back till it cracks


-to transition in the form of exfoliating ones totality 


-expression when something is so gloriously positive you may pray to the gods amen, only to term heavens a burning in a mint way


-expression to declare a false piece of thought or action


-expressing a quantum matter in the form of verbalizing this relativity


-to kill or/and consume animals spiritual Souls of conscious energy without any appreciation them then and who they are


-to objectify a plan in action for a mystical experience


-to transform a matter in the synergistic conductancy of electricity

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